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Story guidelines

As part of your international program, you will be asked to produce a travel story reflecting on your experience. Travel stories will be kept on the NSCC International website ( and will exist as documentation of your international learning that you can use as a digital portfolio piece.


  • Keep it short and concise (a couple of paragraphs)
  • Know your audience and remember you are representing NSCC
  • Your name will appear on your travel story as the author
  • Proofread your work. NSCC International will not be editing the travel story before posting (but will be checking to ensure all content is appropriate)
  • All content should be submitted through a forum in which the video can be downloaded (Google Drive, Dropbox, Streams etc.)
  • Ensure you have permission to use images/names of others
  • Keep the content light and fun and keep in mind a future employer could be reading/watching
  • Include a relevant photo of yourself participating in the program
  • You can focus on one day, one activity or reflection on your experience as a whole

Questions to consider

While you don’t have to answer these questions directly, keep them in mind as you write and weave your answers throughout your travel story.

  1. What skills have I gained through this experience which will help me be successful in future education/career goals?
  2. What surprised me as either very different or similar to Nova Scotia?
  3. How has participating in this opportunity changed me personally and/or professionally?

Please send your travel story to  when completed