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Jasmine Fletcher's Story

Jasmine Fletcher sharing their experience in The Netherlands while participating in the Global Energy Transition Summer School in 2023.

After three weeks in the Netherlands, participating in the Global Energy Transition Summer School - I’ve finally made it back home after 24+ hours of traveling. It was a great learning experience, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to go to a summer school in the Netherlands. I learned so much about alternative green energy like solar and wind, as well as what it takes psychologically for society to adopt such green systems. A highlight of the experience was the field trip to the Island of Ameland, Netherlands. The island was so beautiful and remarkably it was almost completely sustainable/self-reliant on energy. The solar panels in the photo below power all residential buildings and houses on the island. We received a presentation by one of the leading municipal energy workers and even got to bike around the island.

The Netherlands seem to be so ahead of Canada in subjects like: energy, biodiversity, health, and wellness. They have so many strategies as well as cultural practices that would be beneficial for Canada to adopt. Next year, it is very likely that I will apply once again for another summer school experience through NSCC International. I just cannot turn down great opportunities like the ones offered by NSCC International.