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Campbell Henderson's Story

Campbell Henderson in the Netherlands

Hi, my name is Campbell Henderson and I recently completed the doing business in Europe summer school in the Netherlands. This was a life changing experience in so many ways, from the interactive learning at Hanze summer school, to the experiences I had traveling the country. It has changed my perspective on life and has allowed me to bring back a wealth of knowledge I hope to use in my future schooling or career endeavors.

From a learning perspective, the teaching style allowed the students to engage in self directed learning through our use of a business simulation. This, coupled with the evaluating standard surrounding our ability to present our findings to an audience, while thinking critically about the decisions we made throughout the course. This made for an environment that was extremely cooperative and allowed me to take pride in the direction me and my team went with both of our final presentations. One being a marketing pitch to the beauty company Rituals, while the other being a synopsis of our business simulation with speculation on future decision making. Though the schooling was only a part of my experience. Being from a small town in the Annapolis valley, it was learning curve to navigate urban public transit systems as well as become familiar with cultural norms and expectations. This opened my eyes to cultural differences between not only Canada and the Netherlands, but the EU as a whole. As well the use of urban planning in comparison to those I am familiar with in Canada was extremely interesting, and excites me as to what's possible through investment in bike and train infrastructure.

Overall this experience was one I will remember for as long as I live, and I hope to one day return. With every new location I visit in the world, I wish to try the best food no matter where I go. Below you will find images as well as ratings for many of the restaurants I tried while in the Netherlands. This not only gives me memories of amazing flavors, but will allow me to remember all aspects of my experience through my meals over the three weeks.