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Alicia Mcmullen's Story

Alicia Mcmullen in Grenada in 2023

Explore the jewel of the Caribbean, Grenada, the Spice Island, where nature's wonders and vibrant culture intertwine. As you walk into the spice market you can smell the aroma of spices in the air from all the wonderful spices, the vibrant colors hanging off the walls, unique necklaces, carvings, and clothing enticing you to approach the stands. You can hear the chatter in the background as people gather in the courtyard, ordering a meal or drink from one of the vendors. Beyond that is the picturesque backdrop of crystal-clear water of the Grand Anse white sand beach. If the beach doesn’t entice you to spend long hours, there are several popular tourist sites such as the world’s first Underwater sculpture park, the Seven Sisters Waterfall, Belmont Estates, or explore Grenada’s history at Fort Fredrick. And if your up for an adventure, check out a few of the hidden treasures Grenada has to offer. Take a hike to the Blow Hole, the Fort in Telescope or get involved with the community for a Hashing which takes part most Saturdays. Whether you are interested in bird watching, culinary, adventure, nature or more, be sure to visit Grenada and see for yourself.

T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) left a lasting impression on me with its exceptional hospitality. The connections I forged with both the faculty and students will always hold a special place in my memory. Exploring Grenada and immersing myself in its culture, history, and tourism firsthand provided me with an authentic and profound understanding of the island. This experience served as a catalyst for personal growth and building confidence as I embraced new challenges outside my comfort zone. It has shifted my perspective on life, emphasizing the value of embracing a slower pace. Instead of rushing through minutes, hours, and days, I now prioritize taking a step back to savor the present moment. By allowing ourselves to relax and appreciate our surroundings, we open ourselves up to the true beauty and wonders that envelop us. Moving forward, I will continue to embrace the concept of living on "island time" as a reminder to fully enjoy each moment.