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Bridge the Ocean - Erasmus+ Programme

Project type: Student mobility
Local Partner: Kainuu Vocational College Finland Luovi Vocational College Finland Lappia Vocational College Finland Turku Vocational Institute Finland Tradium Business Academy Denmark Aventus Regional Education Centre for Vocational Education The Netherlands.
Location: Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands
Client/Partner(s): European Union
Amount: $400,000
Dates: Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2023
Other Partners: New Brunswick Community College


This mobility project is funded by the Erasmus+ mechanism of the European Union and includes post-secondary institutions from Canada (NSCC & New Brunswick Community College), Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.

The aim of the project is to create a model for developing cooperation and student and staff mobility between European and Canadian colleges focused on technical and vocational education.

The planned outcome of this project is the creation of three exchange study modules:

  • Hospitality (Finland)
  • Green construction (Denmark)
  • Entrepreneurship (Canada) Creating a framework for wider cooperation will make it possible for similar institutions all over Europe and other countries to learn from the project.

Services provided

  • Understand the global perspective in Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Strengthen the international aspect in the strategy of partner organisations
  • Create a structure for reciprocal mobility and further cooperation between European and Canadian VET colleges
  • Build a network of VET colleges to support the international collaboration
  • Promote the validation and recognition of nonformal and informal learning
  • Create study modules in three professional sectors: Hospitality, Construction and Entrepreneurship
  • Prepare a toolkit with practical information to help other VET providers to start overseas mobility