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NSCC retiree benefits

NSCC retiree benefits

As a retiree of NSCC, you have access to several benefits, which are outlined below.

Pension plans and retiree group benefits

Below, you'll find detailed benefit information specific to your former NSCC employee group.

Pension plans – administered by the NS Pension Services Corporation

Management/Confidential and Operational Support (retirees under age 65)

Management/Confidential and Operational Support (retirees age 65+)

Faculty and Professional Support (retirees under age 65)

Faculty and Professional Support (retirees age 65+)

Supplemental benefits

Medavie Blue Cross

Medavie Blue Cross is NSCC's group health and dental benefits service provider. For your specific benefit plan coverage details, log into Medavie Blue Cross. If you've never used the Medavie Blue Cross site, see instructions (PDF 428KB) on how to access it, or download the Medavie Mobile App where you can access information wherever, whenever. 


As a Medavie Blue Cross member, you and your eligible dependent(s) receive a pharmacy dispense fee discount of up to $3 when prescription drugs are purchased through Lawtons or Sobeys. This discount is set up through your Medavie Blue Cross membership. A Lawtons Drugs Partner Discount Card provides front store discounts. If you've lost your Lawtons card, request a replacement

Johnson Insurance

Contact Johnson Group Home and Auto Insurance, NSCC's preferred group home and auto insurance for a quote on group rates or information on services.


For voluntary personal emergency travel health insurance, SecuriGlobe has options. SecuriGlobe is a reputable financial services firm who can tap into over 10 travel insurance companies to find the best made to measure travel insurance solutions that meet your personal travel needs. Learn more about travel insurance solutions.

Changes in coverage after age 65

See below for changes in benefits coverage, at age 65, based on your former NSCC employee group.

Employee group Summary of changes
Management and Confidential and Operational Support Group Summary of changes in coverage to group retiree benefits at age 65 (PDF 125KB)
Faculty and Professional Support Group Summary of changes in coverage to group retiree benefits at age 65 and over (PDF 140KB)

Managing your personal benefits

As a retired member of a NSCC group benefits plan, it's your responsibility to update personal information that could have an impact on your benefit coverage and premium rate. For the most part, your selection will remain in effect unless you experience what’s known as a life event; specifically:

  • Change in marital status
    If you become divorced or separated, with or without a court order, you aren't eligible to continue spousal benefits under NSCC's plan.
  • Additions to eligible dependents
    If you have a child (birth, adoption, step-child) who resides with you, you can add them as a dependent.
  • Request for overage dependent status
    Dependents aged 21 to 27 who are living at home, not employed and attending a credible post-secondary educational institute, can be added to your plan. Application must be made annually; a reminder will be sent to retirees prior to the start of each academic year.
  • Smoking and non-smoking status changes
    If your smoking or non-smoking status changes, you can update your insurance file for the purposes of optional life and critical illness premiums only.
  • Death of a spouse/dependent
    In the event of the death of your spouse or eligible dependent, you may contact our Group Benefits Consultant to initiate the life claim process. Please email
  • Change in designated beneficiary for life insurance purposes
    It's recommended you review your designated beneficiary(s) selection periodically. To confirm or change beneficiary details, fill out the Dependent Life and Designated Beneficiary Change Form (PDF 699KB) and email

Contact us

  • For changes to benefits (adding and deleting coverage to current health and dental benefits), complete the Medavie Blue Cross Change Form (PDF 255KB) and email it to
  • For address changes contact  
  • For late enrolment applications, life insurance claims and life insurance conversion to a private policy, email 
  • Notify the Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation of any changes to your spousal relationship status or the name and date of birth of your spouse or common-law partner. For pension queries, please speak directly to the Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation.
  • For changes in banking institution or account number for the purpose of benefit premium deductions, contact  

Cover an overage dependent with student or disabled status

Effective the date a dependent reaches age 21, their health and dental coverage is terminated with Medavie Blue Cross. Coverage can continue for dependents of retirees who are over 21 only if they meet the following criteria:

  • 21 years of age, but less than 27 years of age
  • Attending an accredited educational institution, college or university on a full-time basis
  • Unmarried and not working full-time
  • Dependent upon the retiree by reason of mental or physical disability (dependent must have been continuously disabled since the age of 21)
    • Unmarried, unemployed children who became totally disabled while attending an accredited educational institution, college, or university on a full-time basis prior to the age of 27, and who've been continuously disabled since that time, also qualify as dependents. Once approval has been granted by Medavie Blue Cross, supporting medical information may be requested periodically.

To avoid interruption of coverage for those who meet eligibility requirements, a Medavie Blue Cross Overage Dependent Application (PDF 116KB) must be completed and forwarded to the month prior to the dependant’s 21st birthday. Every academic year after, and before August 15th each year, you must complete the Overage Dependent Application until the dependent reaches age 27 or no longer meets the coverage eligibility requirements.

If your dependent is currently set up with student status, you'll be sent a reminder to submit the Overage Dependent Application in July, in preparation for the upcoming academic year that starts in September.

For initial enrolment, contact

Re-applying after declining coverage

Retired employees who decline or terminate coverage will not be eligible to re-apply to any retiree plans.

Convert life insurance to a private policy

Upon request, based on your group coverage at termination or reduction in coverage, Manulife will offer a life insurance quote. If interested in converting your life insurance to a private policy, contact

Make an application to a life claim

After the death of your spouse or eligible dependent, please contact . She will start the claim process for you and will guide you through the process.

Return to work after retirement at NSCC

If you're considering returning to work and wondering what the impact will be on your pension and benefits, you may reference the Guidelines to Retirement here (PDF 496KB).