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Physical activity requirements

Many programs require walking or being physically mobile for up to 2-3 hours per day. The physical environment could have uneven surfaces, stairs and steps and infrequent access to elevators and escalators. Participants will manage their own luggage and personal belongings.

NSCC is committed to providing alternative accommodations and reducing barriers to meet the needs of participants. Students requiring accommodations should discuss options and services with NSCC International during the planning phase.

Individual physical activity requirements are indicated on each opportunity.

Level 1

Light intensity activity, such as standing and moving around but no vigorous efforts needed. Can talk while doing these activities; buildings and excursions are accessible to all participants and accommodations can be offered if disclosed in advance of travel.

Level 2

Moderate intensity activity, such as walking, climbing stairs, standing for more than 10 minutes. These activities require some level of physical fitness. Physical buildings may not be fully accessible (i.e., steep stairs, no elevators).

Level 3

Vigorous intensity activity, such as hiking for more than an hour, heavy lifting required and running. Activities and excursions require a moderate to high level of physical fitness. Hiking in rougher terrain outdoors will be required.