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The Happiness Now Project in Tanzania - Stephen Barrett's Story

Stephen stirring content in a large pot

Africa is a continent with a soul. It has a way of changing you. It is vibrant and deep, and always welcomes with open arms.

Tanzania is no exception. This east African nation is rich in culture, littered with natural beauty, and their people are some of the most hospitable and genuine on earth. This country is also safe. Sure, there are instances of aggressive haggling in the markets and on the streets, but it is still overwhelmingly safe. You don’t witness an abundance of gun presence sometimes prevalent in other developing nations, and this is reassuring.

While in Tanzania we worked with the locals, we travelled to awe inspiring sites, and we grew. The entire experience generated enormous learning potential. We were taught local traditions while engaging in our work. We learned local animal behaviour while touring the Ngorongoro Crater. We tried local dishes and saw how they were prepared. We learned about business and helped to learn from and empower local female entrepreneurs.

We also connected. We connected with each other and formed lasting and meaningful relationships with both students and staff. We connected with locals through our projects and through events experienced together. We connected with place and now have a part of Africa and more specifically Tanzania in our hearts. This is a connection this will last a lifetime.

Tanzania is absolutely stunning. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of trip. It is home to some of the most impressive animals in the world, has sensational coffee production, and is a sight to see. It is a place to witness firsthand, as it is virtually impossible to try and explain the feeling that this place generates.

Stephen Barrett in Tanzania

It’s remarkable that NSCC offers these opportunities to both students and staff. The opportunity to go, learn, and grow makes meaningful impact to students and locals alike. Trips like these change lives for the better and I am proud that I am part of an organization that values learning beyond the classroom walls. Global perspective helps us see what really matters back home, and opportunities like these provide real global perspective that textbooks just can’t teach.

Go. Learn. Grow.

Stephen Barrett
Faculty, School of Access, Education & Language
NSCC Pictou Campus