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ECDSC NSCC Kingstec Campus Workshop Guidelines

For detailed information on registering for workshops with ECDSC Kingstec, view our process.

The following workshop guidelines must be followed:

  • Pre-registration AND payment are to be received by us at least one week in advance (unless otherwise noted).
  • Follow payment instructions on the registration form, based on your payment method.
  • Registrations cannot be processed, nor spaces held, unless the above guidelines are followed.
  • Cancellations must be processed before the workshop occurs. Please contact us at least one week before the workshop, unless otherwise noted. View our processes for more information.
  • ***NSCC does not accept VISA Debit.

Note: We must sometimes cancel a workshop if there is low registration. Depending on the facilitators this may be done before the withdrawal deadline. Please register as soon as possible and check your workshop’s deadline.

Also: (face to face workshops) The Support Centre is a nut-free, scent-free facility. Please refrain from eating or using nut products (including coconut oil) during or prior to attending events hosted by the ECDSC. Please relay this message to your colleagues.

Finally: Please remember to bring your own drinking vessel (mug, glass, sport bottle, etc.) to help us save the environment! Thanks!

Last updated on: Aug. 25, 2023 12:46 PM