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Boater Safety - Collision Prevention Training

Boater Safety - Collision Prevention Training

Navigation rules save lives.

Did you know human error is the cause of most boating accidents? Even the most experienced seafarer can encounter vessels with unsafe practices. Expect the unexpected, keep a vigilant watch and follow navigation rules to avoid collisions on the water.  

Watch NSCC’s free boating collision prevention videos and educate everyone on-board to navigate safely and keep watch.

Marine definitions

Review marine terminology to apply Transport Canada’s navigation rules.

Risk of collision

Check out how to the assess risk of collision using tools available on-board.

Action to avoid collision

Explore correct actions to take to avoid collision by situation.

Vessels crossing

Learn how to apply navigation rules for vessels crossing paths.

Responsibility between vessels

Discover which vessel has right of way, based on type of vessel and activity being undertaken.

Navigation lights Learn to read navigation lights and their arcs of visibility for safe navigation.