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Student and employee health and wellbeing

Student and employee health and wellbeing

Three people sit around a table in a common area at an NSCC campus. Two have their backs facing the camera while the other smiles. There are people walking and sitting in the background.

Just like our physical health, our mental wellbeing plays a role in our overall wellness – in our personal lives and in how we show up to learn and work.

Small ways to boost health and wellbeing

There are small things we can do each day to improve our quality of life. They may not seem like much in the moment, but over time they can make a positive and lasting difference in how we feel. Try building these practices into your day or week:

A squirrel eating a nut. Explore the natural world

Spending time in nature can help you feel refreshed.

An open cardboard box with items like books, headphones and a gaming controller sticking out of the top. Tidy up

De-cluttering your study or work space can help you focus.

A ball of yarn and a partially-knit scarf with knitting needles. Learn something new

Taking up a hobby can boost your wellbeing.

A pair of sneakers. Head outdoors

Getting fresh air can boost your energy.

A sandwich on a plate. Nourish your body

Taking a lunch break can help reduce stress.

Two mugs filled with coffee. Connect with others

Chatting with a friend can be an instant pick-me-up.

Wellbeing supports

NSCC students and employees have access to a wide range of wellness resources, supports and services.

An NSCC student sits on the top step of an outdoor staircase and gazes ahead with a slight smile. There is a backpack sitting on the ground near his right leg.
Student wellness information (log-in required)

Learn about free, professional counselling, explore student health and wellness programs, access self-directed resources and more.

A group of 5 employees sit at a table. Several employees are engaged in conversation. One employee looks at the camera and smiles while holding a coffee mug.
Employee wellness information (log-in required)

Learn about group benefit programs, access the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and more.