Greatness is an attitude.

The future is written by the doers, makers and creators. Those who are eager to get things done and make their mark. The world belongs to those who never settle. And NSCC is for those who Strive.

Set your course.

Cindy Brown - Nautical Institute

Cindy spent most of her working life in the marine industry. Now, she's teaching the next generation of seafarers how to navigate those same waters.
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Fight for more.

Aaron Francis - Business Administration

Aaron was down, but not out. He used boxing to get right. Now he’s studying business and setting an example for his community.
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For those who mean business.

Emmanuel Simmonds - Business Administration

Emmanuel wasn't born into money. But he was filled with passion and ambition. Now he's making money to make a difference.
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Saddle up.

Stephanie Clarke - Therapeutic Recreation

Some people aren't suited to be desk jockeys. Stephanie figured that out early. And now she's helping others – with horses.
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Bank on it.

Samuel Kiragu - Business Administration

Samuel's determination led him from Kenya to some of the largest banks in the world. Now he mentors our financial leaders of tomorrow.
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Dive in. Make waves.

Callum Mireault - Oceans Technology

The mystery of the seas called to Callum from an early age. Now he's working with underwater camera systems to explore the depths.
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Don't fit in. Stand out.

Thomas Melong - Cosmetology

Who says you can't do big things in a small town? Thomas learned it's not where you are, it's who you are. And what you do.
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Pay it forward.

Gabrielle McNeill - Practical Nursing

When Gabrielle's baby boy was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, she felt completely helpless. She found strength in knowledge. Now she’s empowered to help others.
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