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Information Technology Diplomas
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Information Technology Diplomas

NSCC offers a variety of specialized diploma programs for students who want to start or advance their career in the IT sector.

  • Business Intelligence Analytics - Advance your current skills to the next level, applying analytical tools and techniques to big data to support critical business decision-making.
  • Cyber Security - Gain the skills to develop and maintain sound security practices to address modern security threats.
  • Geospatial Data Analytics - Earn the confidence to make timely, accurate and efficient business decisions based on managing, analyzing and interpreting geospatial data.
  • IT Data Analytics - Examine large data sets to uncover patterns, correlations and other useful business insights.
  • IT Database Administration - Learn how to use specialized software to store and organize data.
  • IT Generalist - Develop your knowledge of computer technology and skills – database administration, programming, systems management and security, data analytics and web development.
  • IT Programming - Gain the fundamentals on how to write code for a variety of software applications.
  • IT Systems Management & Security - Monitor, manage and resolve IT problems in an enterprise-level computer network.
  • IT Web Development - Develop complex web-based internet applications that support the activities of a business.
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