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Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS)
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Canada's leading geomatics training centre

Why study geomatics?

Geomatics professionals help make sense of the world around us by collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting geographic data.

Technological advances have made it possible to streamline this data into educational, usable and valuable information that can improve lives. Whether it’s mapping health trends, monitoring pipelines across oceans, positioning satellites or tracking how endangered species interact in the wild, geomatics can be applied to almost any industry’s area of business.

Globally, there are more jobs than graduates, so you can expect many employment opportunities.

Study geomatics at COGS

Learn the practical hands-on skills employers need. COGS offers:

World-class instruction

  • COGS is considered a world leader in the fields of surveying, mapping, land-use planning and Geographic Information System (GIS) programming.
  • Our highly experienced instructors have strong industry connections.
  • Small class sizes provide you with lots of one-on-one interaction, so you have plenty of opportunity to apply your learning, ask questions and share.

Cutting-edge technology & work experience

  • Learn the theory and practical aspects of your program through state-of-the-art equipment, labs and fieldwork.
  • Most programs include work experience or the option to complete a co-op (at least 12 weeks of paid employment) as part of your course credit.
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