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Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS)

Centre of Geographic Sciences Programs

Jeff McKenna

Explore programs that prepare you to start or continue your career in the global geomatics sector

Certificate program

Survey Technician – Learn practical measurement skills, techniques and surveying theories in this 1-year program.

Diploma programs

Geomatics Engineering Technology – Hone your existing surveying skills and gain advanced measurement skills, techniques and theories.

Geographic Sciences - Diploma – Learn the basics of geographic sciences including how to use geomatics

Advanced diploma programs

Add to your geomatics experience with an advanced diploma. These programs complement an existing degree or diploma in a related area.

Geospatial Data Analytics – Gain the advanced skills and knowledge you need to manage, analyze and interpret large volumes of geospatial data to make more precise, reliable business decisions.

Marine Geomatics – Gain a strong foundation in geomatics and the effective exploration, management and monitoring of marine and coastal environments.

Geographic Sciences - Advanced Diploma – Explore the geomatics tools and technologies that support the geographic sciences in your first term of this intensive, one-year program. Choose a concentration in your second term with options to customize your course selection around specific geomatics interests.