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Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) at NSCC

Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) at NSCC

Video: An NSCC student describes the COGS experience.

Why study geomatics?

Geomatics professionals help make sense of the world around us by collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting geographic data.

Technological advances have made it possible to streamline this data into educational, usable and valuable information that can improve lives. Whether it's mapping health trends, monitoring pipelines across oceans, positioning satellites or tracking how endangered species interact in the wild, geomatics can be applied to almost any area of business.

Globally, there are more jobs than graduates, so you can expect many employment opportunities.

COGS programs

Certificates and Diplomas to help you start your career

Graduate Certificates to help you add to your experience

Learn to manage, analyze and interpret large volumes of geospatial data to make more precise, reliable business decisions.
  • Geographic Information Systems
    A post-graduate program that develops your career-ready skills and opens opportunities in the geospatial sector.
  • Geospatial Data Analytics
    Earn the confidence to make timely, accurate and efficient business decisions based on managing, analyzing and interpreting geospatial data.
  • Marine Geomatics
    Gain a strong foundation in geomatics and the effective exploration, management and monitoring of marine and coastal environments.
  • Remote Sensing
    Learn how to interpret satellite images, process digital images and understand the theoretical basis for remote sensing and aerial imaging platforms.

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