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Student Records & Enrolment

We provide academic support throughout your program, details regarding important dates and College policies and procedures which may impact your studies.

Key supports and services:

Request Documentation

(Transcripts, Confirmation of Enrolment, Replacement Diplomas)

You can print your unofficial transcripts from MyNSCC. However, if you need official transcripts, confirmation of enrolment letters, or replacement diplomas you can submit a Document Request Form by email to your local campus for processing.

Update your Name

Students who want to make changes to their official name can submit a Name Change Request. Changes are permitted to:

  • Correct spelling mistakes in your name
  • Add, remove, or change middle name(s) or middile initial(s)
  • Change your name to something different from your formal legal name

Change your Enrolment

Add or remove courses from your schedule by submitting a completed Course Revision (Add/Drop) Form to Student Services at your campus. Before you make any changes, you should speak with your faculty or your Academic Chair to understand how this change might affect the requirements you need to graduate from your program. Review your student handbook for key dates, academic policy and financial implications related to course revisions.

Transfer to a new Campus

Students can request a change to another campus that offers their program after the first term of study by submitting a Campus Transfer Form to Student Services.

Withdraw from your Program

Sometimes students find themselves needing to leave their program for a variety of reasons. If you choose to withdraw from your program you must submit a Program Withdrawal Form to Student Services for the withdrawal to be official.

Return to Studies

Students who have successfully completed the first term (or more) of their program can submit a Return to Studies Form to request re-entry to the same program they previously withdrew from. If they did not complete the first term of their program, a new application is required.

Learn About Other Important Items

If you have other questions regarding your academic records at the College or changes to your account please contact Student Services.

Other Resources: