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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take the Challenge Assessment Test?

No. The test should only be taken if you believe that you have met all the learning outcomes through prior learning and/or experience and that you would not benefit from taking the course. If you take the test and do not pass, you take the course as planned when you begin your program.

How should I prepare for the Skills Assessment Test?
  • As soon as you receive your email with instructions, change your NSCC computer password and set up your email account.
  • Practice using Microsoft Word to make sure you are familiar with all the Word tasks listed in the Course Description.
  • Practice using Windows Explorer to create folders, move and copy files, rename files, and delete files.
  • Practice using Outlook email and Internet Explorer to research and find websites.
  • Ask a friend to supply you with some questions that you can try to answer by searching the web. Try saving some pictures from the web to your own file storage location.
Will I be able to do the Computer Challenge on a different campus than the one I will attend in the fall?

Yes. Contact a campus close to you for details.

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