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COMP 1217 - Course Description

COMP 1217 - Computer Applications I is an introductory course. Briefly, the course covers the following topics:

Use electronic message software for communication purposes

  • Access email messages
  • Create email messages including to, cc, subject line, and message format
  • Use the spelling and grammar feature
  • Use appropriate email etiquette
  • Search the address book
  • Send mail
  • Print email messages
  • Forward email messages
  • Reply to email messages
  • Manage attachments including attaching, viewing, saving and printing
  • Manage messages including deleting and moving messages to folders
  • Manage contacts

Browse the Internet for research information

  • Use URLs
  • Use toolbar
  • Add pages to favourites
  • Use print preview
  • Print pages and selected text
  • Use search engines
  • Download images or files

Perform basic functions of an operating system

  • Move, size, maximize, minimize and restore windows
  • Navigate single/multiple windows
  • Use menus, toolbars, icons and taskbars
  • Open/close programs
  • Use printer
  • Use Help

Organize computer files and folders

  • Recognize types of computer files and view their properties
  • Create folders in specified locations, in an organized manner so that they can be easily accessed
  • Save appropriately-named files in specified locations, in an organized manner so that they can be easily accessed
  • Retrieve files from peripherals such as scanners, cameras and removable storage devices
  • Navigate through the hierarchy of files, folders, and storage devices
  • Locate files using a search tool
  • Open, copy, move, delete and restore files and folders

Use a word processor to create basic documents

  • Enter text
  • Use spell check and grammar check features
  • Edit documents including copy, paste, move etc.
  • Save documents using appropriate names, folders and drives
  • Format text using bold, italics, underlining, font-type, font size, find and replace etc.
  • Format paragraphs including line spacing, tabs, indents, bullets, borders, shading etc.
  • Format pages including paper size, page orientation, margins, page numbering, inserting headers and footers etc.
  • Print documents and portions of documents
  • Insert simple graphics and shapes
  • Create a basic table
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