Student Association Elections

Online Voting Instructions

***Voting is now closed***

  1. Click your campus voting link to access online voting at your campus:
    Campus Voting Link
    Akerley Campus --
    AVC Campus --
    AVC Campus – COGS --
    Burridge Campus --
    Cumberland Campus --
    IT Campus --
    Kingstec Campus --
    Lunenburg Campus --
    Marconi Campus --
    Pictou Campus --
    Shelburne Campus --
    Strait Area Campus --
    Truro Campus --
    Waterfront Campus --
  2. When asked to enter your User Name and Password, you'll need to use "CAMPUS\" in front of your user name (e.g. CAMPUS\W0123456). Use CAMPUS and not the actual name of your campus.
  3. Click on "Online ballot" and cast your vote.
  4. Click 'Finish' to submit the form.


If you have any questions about the online voting process, please contact your Campus SA Executive team.

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