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Welcome to your Student Life! Make the Most of it!

At NSCC, you have the opportunity to learn new things, meet new friends and gain the necessary skills to go out and make a positive impact on the world. The goal of NSCC Student Life is to provide quality leadership opportunities, volunteer experiences and extra-curricular activities for students so that they might learn and grow both outside the classroom as well as inside. We believe that getting involved with your campus community is an excellent way to maximize your student experience and explore your skills. After all, College is about having a balanced and memorable student experience. We are excited to help you do just that.

NSCC Student Handbook:

Starting a new chapter can be very exciting, but it can also be a bit daunting. There is so much to know! We have created a student handbook that contains information on college services and supports, scholarships and awards, academic policies and procedures, financial information and details on how to make the most of your student life at NSCC. It also contains a comprehensive day planner to keep you up to date with classes and assignments. Everything you need for a successful student experience can be found here (PDF 18.6MB)!

Keep connected with NSCC Student Life:

Lori Foran Lori Foran
Manager, Student Engagement and Awards
Phone: 902-491-6745
Mike LePage Mike LePage
Student Life Assistant, Southwest Region
Phone: 902-456-3136
Kerrin Duggan Kerrin Duggan
Student Life Assistant, Northeast Region
Phone: 902-229-5572
Justin Corcoran Justin Corcoran
Student Life Assistant, Waterfront/Aviation
Phone: 902-491-1260

Twitter: @StudentLifeNSCC

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