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Active Living Challenge

Challenge Accepted! NSCC Active Living Challenge

The Active Living Challenge is a wellness program that begins October 1st and extends until April 1st. The goal of the challenge is to motivate NSCC students and employees to increase their physical activity each month in hopes that they experience the benefits of increased energy, lower stress levels, and an improvement in overall physical and mental health.

Participants log their minutes of activity completed each day and submit a Tracking Calendar at the end of every month. For every 100 minutes of activity logged, the students name will be entered into a draw to win monthly Active Living prize packages. At the end of each semester, the student with greatest amount of logged physical activity will receive the grand prize and title of "Most Active NSCC Student". We also have optional 30 Day Fitness Challenges and Wellness Goals to participate in throughout the program for a chance at extra entries into the monthly prize draw!

To take the challenge

Students or employees wishing to participate in the Active Living Challenge must first complete the Participant Sign-up Form below as well as from the Active Living Challenge Facebook page. Once completed, forms can be e-mailed to or submitted to your Student Association office.

To log activity

Tracking Calendars can be downloaded from the Active Living Challenge webpage or Facebook page any time, starting October 1st. They will also be sent out to participants who've signed up via e-mail at the beginning of each month.

At the end of each month you send us your Tracking Calendar for a chance to win awesome prizes, it's as easy as that!

Want to learn more? Check out the Active Living Challenge Docs:


Throughout the program our website and social media pages will have 30 day fitness challenges, exercise ideas, workout videos, nutrition information, recipes, motivation tips, and fitness opportunities in your area to help keep you motivated. Check us out right now!

On Facebook: facebook.com/NSCCActiveLivingChallenge
On Twitter: @NSCCGetActive
Or email:

Incentives for students

Don't forget that we have PRIZES!!! Last year our rewards included things like pedometers, water bottles, gym bags, gift cards of all kinds, and $500.00 prize packages for our "Most Active NSCC Student" each semester. This year we have that… plus chances to win gym memberships, day passes, fitness classes on campus, and much more!

Staff and Faculty participation

The Active Living Challenge is also open to NSCC employees. We will be awarding the title of "Mover of the Month" in recognition of an employee's participation level and support of the program. This is based on minutes logged, organization of a fitness activity on campus, engaging and motivating fellow participants, and more. If you are an employee, be sure to let us know what you're doing to champion the challenge at your campus for your chance to win!

Thank You to our Program Sponsors:

Gallivan & Associates       Elevated Wellness Centre       Tara McDonald Fit Club

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