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Video Conferencing at NSCC

The Nova Scotia Community College Video Conference Systems enable organizations and individuals to conduct face-to-face meetings with participants in various geographical locations and the delivery of curriculum requirements to individuals around the globe. The ease of use and convenience of video conferencing is almost equivalent to using a telephone.

The NSCC has 13 meeting rooms, 25 collaborative learning spaces (classrooms) and 4 theatres setup with Polycom Video Conferencing Units. All of the collaborative learning spaces have high definition video conference units that provide exceptional video and audio reproduction. The Video Conferencing equipment is also available for use on a fee basis by external clients/individuals.

The NSCC has successfully demonstrated the delivery of curriculum over this medium, increased productivity, reduced travel expenses and travel time, and provided its employees with a safe communication alternative during the winters months.

The NSCC conferencing systems supports IP-based two way full motion video, audio, graphics and data communications calls ranging from 256KB to 6144MB as well as ISDN calls ranging from 256KB to 768KB.

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Video Conferencing Locations/Details

Campus and Room Location Recommended Capacity Video Quality
Akerley Campus
21 Woodlawn Road, Dartmouth
Akerley Meeting Room A150 20 High Definition
Akerley B171 Culinary Theatre 125 High Definition
Akerley Classroom B210 30 High Definition
Akerley Classroom B208 50 High Definition
Annapolis Valley - Middleton
295 Commercial Street, Middleton
Annapolis Valley Middleton Classroom 121 30 High Definition
Annapolis Valley Middleton Meeting Room 115 15 High Definition
Annapolis Valley - Lawrencetown
50 Elliott Road, Lawrencetown
Annapolis Valley Lawrencetown Classroom 151 13 High Definition
Digby Learning Centre
87 Warwick, Digby
Digby Meeting Room 119 4 High Definition
Digby Classroom Room 124 12 High Definition
Burridge Campus
372 Pleasant Street, Yarmouth
Burridge Classroom A208 20 High Definition
Burridge Classroom B144 20 High Definition
Burridge Classroom C251 20 High Definition
Burridge Meeting Room A110-6 6 High Definition
Cumberland Campus
1 Main Street, Springhill
Cumberland Theatre 2-29 46 High Definition
Cumberland Meeting Room 2-4 6 High Definition
Amherst Learning Centre
147 South Albion Street, Amherst
Amherst Classroom 139 20 High Definition
Institute of Technology Campus
5685 Leeds Street, Halifax
Institute Classroom C141 24 High Definition
Institute Meeting Room C140 8 High Definition
Institute Meeting Room B170 18 High Definition
Ivany Campus
80 Mawiomi Place, Dartmouth
Ivany Meeting Room 4140 16 High Definition
Ivany Presentation Theatre 184 High Definition
Ivany Classroom 5424 32 High Definition
Kingstec Campus
236 Belcher Street, Kentville
Kingstec Classroom B246 20 High Definition
Kingstec Classroom Room B248 20 High Definition
Kingstec Meeting Room B265 8 High Definition
Lunenburg Campus
75 High Street, Bridgewater
Lunenburg Classroom C107E 20 High Definition
Lunenburg Meeting Room B109 10 High Definition
Marconi Campus
1240 Grand Lake Road, Sydney
Marconi Classroom C311B 16 High Definition
Marconi Classroom B306 54 High Definition
Pictou Campus
39 Acadia Avenue, Stellarton
Pictou Meeting Room B210 10 High Definition
Pictou Classroom C220 18 High Definition
Pictou Classroom C212 18 High Definition
Pictou Classroom A208 44 High Definition
Shelburne Campus
1575 Lake Road, Shelburne
Shelburne Classroom M9 24 High Definition
Shelburne Classroom S33 24 High Definition
Strait Area Campus
226 Reeves Street, Port Hawkesbury
Strait Area Classroom 228 12 High Definition
Strait Area Classroom 326 26 High Definition
Strait Area Meeting Room 184 8 High Definition
Wagmatcook Learning Centre
13 Sugar Bush Road, Baddeck
Classroom 110 20 High Definition
Truro Campus
36 Arthur Street, Truro
Truro Classroom F105 20 High Definition
Truro Presentation Theatre F138 135 High Definition
Truro Meeting Room M215 15 High Definition