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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for setting up video conferences at NSCC?

NSCC is moving to a new video conference booking process that will have some major changes from previous processes. The changes are:

  1. All video conference meeting requests begin by an end-user submitting a Technology Service Desk ticket request at: https://servicedesk.nscc.ca. Only one ticket should be submitted by the originator of the meeting.
  2. The fact that the process begins with a Technology Service Desk ticket means that faculty and staff do not have to do any of the room bookings for a video conference. They need only submit a ticket to request the meeting. that lists all sites that will be involved in the video conference.
  3. All events including meetings and classes that are held in rooms with video conference equipment will be recorded and updated in electronic calendars.
  4. Video Conferences are generally booked on a first-come, first serve basis, but when conflicts occur, priorities are set by curriculum delivery, followed by NSCC meeting/conference requests then external clients/corporate requests.
  5. Video conference bookings will be considered finalized and confirmed when the originator receives a closed Technology Service Desk ticket receipt.
I am the person responsible for booking rooms at my campus, what is my role in video conferencing now?

If you are a staff member who is responsible for managing bookings at a room in a campus, your job is to keep the electronic calendar for that room up-to-date at all times for all events and meetings that are not video conference based. You should not move, delete or edit any video conference meeting entries. If a video conference must be modified or cancelled, a ticket should be submitted to the Technology Service Desk indicating that the video conference is to be modified or cancelled.

What do I do if someone asks me to book a video conference for them?

If someone approaches you to book a video conference, you should direct them to the Technology Service Desk.

There you can submit a ticket to request a video conference meeting. The room bookings and request for technical support will all be handled by our central video conference meeting coordinator. You will not have to update or manage any video conference meeting entries in the electronic calendar at your campus.

What do I do if I need to cancel or modify a video conference?

If a video conference is to be cancelled, cancel the ticket you opened using the Technology Service Desk.

The video conference meeting entry in the electronic calendar will be marked as cancelled or deleted from the calendar by the video conference coordinator.

Likewise, if a video conference needs to be altered/modified in some way, update your Technology Service Desk request.

How do I book video conferences with outside/external groups?

If you need to book a video conference with an external group, you should provide the individual with one of the key video conference contacts (listed under "Who else is involved with video conferencing at NSCC") below.

Who else is involved with video conferencing at NSCC?

All campus technical staff are able to assist with video conferencing at NSCC, however, the following are the individuals who organize and coordinate all video conferences at NSCC:

Christian Deveau
Video Conference Technical Support & Consultation

Donnie MacNeil
IT Manager

Are there any costs associated with video conferences at NSCC?

External clients wishing to use our facilities will incur a cost of $150/hr for each NSCC videoconferencing room used. If technical support staff are required after hours for a video conference, there will be a support cost for that additional time.

Is there really a cost savings in using video conferencing at NSCC?

Absolutely. If one person from every campus travels to Halifax for a single 3-hour meeting, NSCC will save over $4000 in travel costs if the meeting is conducted over video conferencing.

How are video conference booking priorities evaluated?

Video Conferences are generally booked on a first-come, first serve basis, but when conflicts occur, priorities are set by curriculum delivery request first, followed by NSCC meeting/conference requests then finally by external clients/corporate requests.

What details do I need to provide when booking a video conference?

You should provide the following details when booking a video conference:

  • Date of the video conference
  • Start and end times of the video conference,
  • Please provide an alternate date/time if possible
  • List of all sites that will participate in the conference
  • One contact name for each site (these people will be attending the meeting).
  • Number of people expected at each site
  • Does the meeting need to be recorded?
  • Will PowerPoint, video or other data need to be shared among sites?
  • Any special requests (such as special equipment) for any of the sites?
  • Will there be any non-NSCC sites connecting? If so, who are the technical contacts at the non-NSCC sites?
How early in advance do I need to book a video conference?

Video conference requests should be submitted at least 2 complete business days in advance of the actual video conference to allow for technical support and setup of the request.