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Student Printing Policy

Each student has been allocated printing credits to the equivalent of $50 for the school year. These credits are provided to cover printing errors, such as ruined prints due to low toner conditions, prints lost because of power outages, etc. No further credits will be allocated free of charge. Printing credits can be accessed from your Campus computer lab, or any computer workstation in the Library. Credits will be deducted based on:

  • 10 cents / page for black and white laser output prints;
  • 50 cents / page for color laser output prints;
  • Costs of plots will be based on plotted area.

If a student uses all their printing credits it is possible to purchase additional credits from the Campus Business Office [or Campus Bookstore], during regular office hours. A minimum purchase of $5 is required.

Students are encouraged to check their print credit balances frequently and purchase additional credit in advance of actually needing them, as there may be a time lag between purchase and balance update.

Students will not be reimbursed for unused credits and unused credits will not carry over from one academic year to the next. Students registered in continuous intake programs will have credits for a 10-month period, beginning with the month of registration.

There will be no transferring of print credits from student to student by IT Services, there is no cash value associated with print credits, all unused credits expire.

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