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Student Services

It's a big decision to choose to become a college student. You have a goal in mind, a vision of your future, and we want to help you get there.

Whether you're coming to NSCC:

  • right out of high school,
  • having studied at college or university before, or
  • with some life experience under your belt

We know this is an important opportunity and that you have a lot on your plate. NSCC Student Services offers programs and one-on-one support throughout the year to help you learn how to get the most out of your experiences at NSCC and prepare for what comes next.

Services for students


Students with barriers to learning are encouraged to contact Student Services prior to starting classes so that their specific needs may be identified, faculty informed and accommodations considered. Campuses are wheelchair accessible with accessible telephones, photocopiers, and TTY phones.

Our Accessibility Services team provides services and supports to help students when a disability impacts their learning. The Learning Strategist at your campus can help you identify barriers, request academic accommodations, use assistive technology, arrange physical access, apply for funding, explore additional resources and practice self-advocacy skills.


The staff in Student Services is committed to working with you to ensure that your choice of academic program meets your needs and goals and that your experience at NSCC is a successful one. The following services are free and confidential.

Personal and academic counselling and support

  • Experienced staff members help you tackle personal and academic challenges
  • Peer tutoring can be coordinated through the Student Association and Student Services

Benefit packages, financial assistance, and help with finding accommodation

Help getting you started

  • Learn more about getting started at NSCC by attending an online information session
  • College 101 classes are available if you feel the need to brush up on some rusty skills or get information on stress and time management and balancing school and personal life

Email and online services

  • As a student, you have your own NSCC email account and personal mailbox and you can access personal and academic information using NSCC's online services

Career services

  • Career counsellors help you select the program that best fits your interests and discuss future employment
  • Sign up on careeringear.nscc.ca and explore occupations and NSCC programs through a series of fun, interactive games and videos
  • Sessions are available on resume writing, interview skills, and networking
  • Job posting boards are at each campus and on our website for the exclusive use by NSCC students and employer partners

Embracing diversity

Student life

  • As a student at NSCC, you automatically become a member of an amazing organization - your Student Association (SA). The SA organizes fun social events like the annual winter carnival, campus newsletters, and holiday parties and also encourages giving back to community and local charitable causes. It's a great way to meet new and interesting people...so, get involved!