Sharpen Your Skills

Access online supports designed to help you improve your skills and prepare for the journey ahead. These tools are free to use anytime, anywhere.

Sharpen Your Skills

Attend an online workshop. Learn about strategies to be a successful college student – how to manage your time, take great notes, prepare for tests, and maximize your college experience.

Take an online session at your own pace. Pick and choose lessons that work for you, take an assessment to see where to improve your skills, find links to tools and videos, and try practice exercises.

  • Get Wired – Find out about the tools, technology, and resources you'll use at NSCC
  • Microsoft Office – Practice using Windows, files and folders, Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Numeracy – Brush up on your basic math skills
  • Writing and Research – Learn practical strategies on sentence structure, writing paragraphs, research methods, and more

Check out top links for getting organized, reading effectively, strategies for memory and math, and more.

Find out what kind of learner you are and how you can prepare for college. What strengths do you have that will help you succeed? What strategies can you learn and practice?

Read "College Success" – a free online workbook packed with information and tools helping you plan for a successful start to college.

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