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Did you know that having an entrepreneurial skill set enhances your portfolio as an employee of a business or as a business owner yourself? Did you know that this same skill set can set you apart from others in your field making you more employable? An entrepreneurial skill set is a valuable resource that enhances your career growth and supports those that you go on to work for. It gives you options.

The collection of entrepreneurial skills that make business owners successful (resourcefulness, opportunity identification, innovative thinking, creativity, budgeting etc.) are transferable to the workplace and are skills that employers find valuable in their employees. In fact, employers seek out individuals who have them, your success means their success!

How does having an entrepreneurial skill set benefit me and others?
  • As an employee: an entrepreneurial mindset positions you to support the small and medium sized businesses that you work for by bringing your strengths, knowledge and skills to support their business needs. This not only supports the SME’s directly but contributes to an increase of the economic vitality of your local region and our provincial landscape. A win-win scenario for all involved!
  • As a business owner: if starting a company is more your interest, entrepreneurship is a practical career option that allows you to turn your skills, values and passions into a business. This same entrepreneurial skill set prepares you for bringing an idea to viability while helping you to remain agile and responsive to what the regional and provincial economy needs to thrive. Another win!

You can develop this skillset by immersing yourself in settings where you experience and practice these skills. This includes (but is not limited to) working with and observing entrepreneurial thinkers and leaders, project-based work, volunteer experiences, shadowing entrepreneurs and working with mentors and other peer settings with an entrepreneurial focus.

NSCC Entrepreneurship offers many opportunities to develop these skills through:

  • Entrepreneurial Resources – free access to entrepreneurial resources including workshops, presentations, activities, templates, toolkits and more. 
  • Financial Support – through the generous support of our funders (ACOA, NSCC), we are able to offer financial support for activities which expose NSCC students to entrepreneurship. 
  • Business Advising – we offer one-on-one business counselling for students, staff and faculty who are interested in starting a business or want to take their existing businesses to the next level. We offer guidance in the areas of business plan development, marketing, HR, government regulations, financing and more.
  • College Wide Activities – we develop and run college wide entrepreneurial activities for students, staff and faculty including online challenges and contests, professional development opportunities, and many more. Stay tuned for upcoming events by following us on our Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Community Connections – Entrepreneurial Service Providers and community resources – we work closely with other entrepreneurial service providers and connect students/staff to relevant resources and supports available in our communities.

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