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Challenge NS

One problem. Real solutions. 12 hours.

On Friday, November 24, 2017, NSCC students across Nova Scotia tackled a social problem facing the province during Challenge NS.

  • Students were placed on teams (in-person and virtual)
  • At the start of the competition, teams received a problem related to a social issue facing Nova Scotia
  • Teams spent the next 12 hours working on a solution
  • Solutions were judged by a panel of industry experts
  • The top three teams were awarded cash prizes

Ready for the challenge?

Challenge NS is an annual event. Registration for this year's event is now closed. Please check back next year.

Challenge NS 2017 winners

1st Place | Team 37 – Kingstec Campus
Team members: Miranda Bouchard, Daniel Hoffmann, Torri Dexter and Becky Hill
Link: YouTube: Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics
Prize: $2000

2nd Place | Team 13 – IT Campus
Team members: Daniel Cox, Ashley Clark, Leah Thibault and Andrew Bromby
Link: YouTube: Coalition of Atlantic Doctors
Prize: $1,500

3rd Place |  Team 38 – Kingstec Campus
Team members: Samuel Swinamer, Griffin Oomen-White, Colin Arenburg, Ashley Gamble and Kenneth Cleary
Link: YouTube: Modernize 811/Nurse Practitioners
Prize: $1,000

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If you have questions about Challenge NS, please contact NSCC Entrepreneurship by emailing or .

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