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Background Performers

Date Posted: June 26, 2019
Closing Date: August 31, 2019
Job Type: Part-Time/Casual
Job Category: Art, Culture, Recreation And Sport
Number of Positions: 100
Job Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

About the Position

Casting actors and background performers for a variety of movies and television shows. One of the projects we are currently casting is a made-for-TV-movie called "Captive," which tells the story of the NXIVM cult. We are looking for a variety of background performers, but we particularly looking for Latinx men to play police officers and SWAT team officers. These roles are scheduled to work July 8th. 

Who we are looking for: We are looking for Latinx men, aged 18 - 40, to work as Background Performers playing police officers at SWAT team officers. They must be available all day (including the early morning and late evening) of July 8th. This is going to be a particularly fun role for background performers, as they get to storm in and "arrest" other characters. 

We are also looking for other performers for "Captive" and for other productions. Anyone who has a valid work permit (for international students, a student visa that permits them to work) is welcome to apply. As with any job, applicants must have a valid Canadian social insurance

Rate of pay: For "Captive" and other unionized productions, the minimum, guaranteed rate of pay for performers (who are not members of ACTRA, the actors' union) is $13/hour. However, ACTRA (the actors' union) requires that the first 12 background performers on set be paid the rate for union members: a daily rate of $227 for up to 8 hours of work, then overtime rates of $42.75 after that. I cannot absolutely promise that the background performers on July 8th will be paid the union rate, but they are currently the only performers scheduled, so it is extremely likely that they will be paid the higher rate. (These are the rates for Background Performers--non-speaking roles. Actors with lines get paid more. Here is a full listing of rates of pay: https://www.actra.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019-2021-IPA-rates.pdf.)

Performers applying for roles on other shows should read the individual casting calls carefully--we are casting for two other non-union productions, and the rates are different, but they are clearly explained in the casting calls.

How to apply: 

Step 1: Create a Profile

We invite all performers to first create a profile at www.hennesseycasting.com. Performers will need to upload at least 2 photos. They don't need to be professional headshots, but one photo should clearly show their face (no hats, glasses, or other people in the picture). Performers will also need to enter their clothing sizes and measurements (height, waist size, etc.) for costuming purposes. 

Step 2: Apply for Jobs

Once performers have created a profile at www.hennesseycasting.com, they can click on the "Apply to Projects" tab at the top of the page. Please keep in mind that we can't schedule shifts in advance--we know what day performers will be working, but until the evening before, we don't know what time, so you will need to be available all day, from early morning or late evening. 

Where to find casting calls: We post casting calls regularly. Performers can either sign up for our email list at https://hennesseyatlarge.us1.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=933547ec4fbd130ce0417d236&id=26c5364f54 or join our Facebook groups at https://www.facebook.com/groups/hennesseybackgroundcasting/ and 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/hennesseycasting/. (There are two groups--one for background performer roles, and one for other roles, including actor and model). 

What happens next? If you are selected for a role, we will first send you an email to confirm the dates and make sure you're still available (but please try to be available for any work you apply for--it's really frustrating to show a director your photo, have them choose you, then have to go back and ask them to pick someone else instead). This will usually happen a few days before you're scheduled to work. The evening before your day on set, we will send you another email to let you know where you need to go, what you need to bring, and what time to be there. We wish we could give you more notice, but the film industry just doesn't work like that--there are too many variables, and schedules come out the evening before. You go to set, you have a great day, then the production sends you a paycheque. Then you apply for another job and do it all again!


Able to listen to and follow directions 
Flexible schedule

About the Company

Hennessey Casting
1313 Hollis Street
Halifax, NS B3J 1T8

Phone: 902-902-0000

Company Contact

Erin Hennessey
Preferred Contact: In-person, Via www.hennesseycasting.com

Documents to be Forwarded

  • Online application form with photos