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Bursary provides needed boost

Valedictorian Holly Latter, WINS Bursary recipient
Valedictorian Holly Latter, WINS Bursary recipient

Overcoming challenges. It's something Holly Latter knows how to do.

A mother of three with a university degree, she once worked four part-time jobs at once to earn a living wage.

When she decided to further her education, she heard from naysayers wondering why she would commute from her Pictou County home to NSCC Ivany Campus in Dartmouth. But she was determined to pursue Industrial Engineering Technology.

"I knew NSCC offered the hands-on training I wanted. I'm a problem solver and this work involves project management, time management, and inventory management. It's procurement, it's logistics. It's exactly what I want to do."

'It took away a lot of stress'

But continuing her studies was extremely difficult when a personal crisis left Holly and her kids, ages 13, 10 and 7, living in a women's shelter.

Receiving the Women Innovating in Nova Scotia (WINS) Bursary, funded by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, made the difference.

"It took away a lot of stress," says Holly, who graduated in June 2018. "It allowed me to concentrate on being the most successful student I could be."

Not only did she complete her program, she was also selected one of the campus valedictorians. "The best thing was seeing my kids so happy and proud."

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