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NSCC, Bursary open doors to reinvention

Harrison McCain Bursary recipient Shamika White
Harrison McCain Bursary recipient Shamika White

When Shamika White’s employer of nine years – a financial institution in her native Bahamas – decided to downsize in favour of online services, she had a big decision to make.

"I could remain stagnant, or be open to new possibilities and reinvent myself," she says.

She embraced the adventure, relocating with her seven-year-old daughter to Halifax to study Business Administration at NSCC's Ivany Campus. Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in the United States 10 years ago, Shamika says she's always wanted to experience Canada.

But it wasn't completely smooth sailing, so when Shamika found out she'd received a Harrison McCain Bursary, aimed at helping single parents, she was relieved.

Sincere gratitude for bursary assistance

"Words cannot express how thankful I am to be a recipient of this award. Starting over is never an easy thing, and my decision to go back to school was not made lightly," she says. "It really helped for second semester, when my funds started dwindling."

Ultimately, she would like to secure permanent residency, Canadian citizenship and a full-time job in Halifax.

"Allowing my daughter to see that Mom never gave up and always tried to provide better opportunities for her is my number-one priority," she says.

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