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One college. One province. Endless potential.
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Student Convocation

Make Way for a brighter future

Our $25-million province-wide fundraising initiative aims to remove barriers to education for those who will propel Nova Scotia forward.

Our goal is simple: to remove barriers for those on their NSCC journey.

We cannot do this alone. We need people like you – passionate donors and forward-thinking industry partners who care deeply and want to help create a better province for everyone.

Together, we can secure a strong future for Nova Scotia. Funds raised will directly support:


Student Aid

NSCC seeks funding for bursaries and awards, urgent and emergency aid and extraordinary learning opportunities.


Innovative Programming

NSCC seeks funding for new Academic Programming, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Applied Research.


Instructional Equipment

NSCC seeks funding to provide our students with state-of-the-art instructional equipment.


Centres of Expertise

NSCC seeks funding to enhance the Centres of Expertise.

Give to NSCC

Your support helps students succeed.

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