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You are expected to develop a portfolio of your work as part of your study at NSCC. A portfolio is a powerful and convincing way to demonstrate your achievements to future employers over and above the standard résumé. A portfolio is also a good way to observe the development of your skills and abilities throughout your working life.

What's in it for you?

Portfolio education is an experience that focuses on you, the learner. Its purpose is to enable you to answer these three questions in terms of your life goals:

  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. How do I get there?

Portfolio education is about your development as a person, and as a growing professional. The goal is to help you make sense of your learning and to plan for your future.

The Portfolio Process

The portfolio process is unique to each learner, and the presentation of the evidence of learning is equally as unique. The intention is to clearly demonstrate your learning, attributes, and talents in such a way as to emphasize the unique blend of experience and skills which you bring to your life and work. As you develop new skills, acquire new learning about yourself, or new knowledge from experience, or if you change your goals for life/work, then you can create additional ways to demonstrate and new ways to talk about who you are and what direction you are taking.

As a learner you will develop a collection of evidence of your work as part of your study at NSCC. This evidence of knowledge and skills can be a powerful and convincing way to demonstrate your achievements and can be a strong supplement to your résumé when presenting yourself to potential employers. Collecting tangible evidence of your skills and knowledge throughout your program is a good way to become aware of your own development, and a good practice to establish for your working life.

A portfolio approach to learning is a process and a practice that allows you to know and talk about yourself as a learner, profile your skilled self, and highlight how your learning transfers from one setting to another in order for you to achieve your life, work, and learning goals.