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Who assesses a Portfolio?

Since it is your portfolio - you do.
For graduation purposes - we do too.

Portfolios are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

The portfolio is thorough -
Your portfolio should demonstrate the breadth and depth of your learning. Include things such as: career goals, work samples, list of competencies, special projects, journals and learning narratives.

The portfolio shows evidence of reflection -
Your portfolio needs to be more than a collection of materials. There needs to be evidence of reflective learning. Evidence of reflective learning may include answers to questions such as: What have I learned? How have I changed since I started this program? What skills knowledge and abilities do I have that represent who I am?

The portfolio is related to your field of study or career choice -
Your portfolio should provide evidence of your work completed in your program and the work you hope to do in your career.

The material in the portfolios is appropriate -
Your portfolio is a reflection of you. Select the materials that you think best reflect what you're all about.

Note: Your portfolio is not assigned as a grade. On your transcript you will see "Portfolio development: submitted work - completed".