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School of Health & Human Services

Practical Nursing
  • Practical Nursing
    Practical Nursing
    Learn how to provide care to others in programs like Practical Nursing and Continuing Care.
  • Cosmetology
    Enhance the beauty and well-being of others by learning all aspects of the hairstyling profession.
  • Therapeutic Recreation
    Therapeutic Recreation
    Acquire the skills to help individuals improve their quality of life through recreation activities.

Health & Human Services Programs

If your passion is to improve the quality of life for others and to build healthier and better communities, our Health & Human Services programs are for you.

Nova Scotia needs competent, caring, compassionate people to work in the rapidly evolving sectors of healthcare and human services. NSCC offers over 20 programs that prepare you for these fields.

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Health & Wellness Programs

Provide compassionate care with the skills you’ll learn in programs like Practical Nursing, Continuing Care, Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy Assistant and many more.

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Social & Community Supports Programs

Learn how to support individuals and strengthen communities in programs ranging from Early Childhood Education to Social Services.

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Online and Part-time Options

Many programs and courses are offered online and part-time.

Work Experience and Co-op

All programs combine classroom learning with learning on the job through projects and work terms. Some programs offer an optional paid, 12-week co-op placement. Learn about your options.

Combine College and University

Already have a diploma or degree? Specialize and add to your skills with NSCC. We offer Advanced Diplomas and dozens of programs that give university graduates a competitive edge. View all NSCC programs.

Want a university degree? Many NSCC programs include courses that count toward a degree.  View programs with this option.

Get Career Advice

We can help you explore your career options, choose a program and prepare for the workforce.
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Upgrade your skills

The School of Access offers programs to help you kick-start your post-secondary education and career path.

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