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  • Why am I required to take these courses?
  • The quick answer is that the College is required by law to make sure all students have this education and training, but much more than that, OH&S /WHMIS is part of NSCC's commitment to safe and healthy learning environments and workplaces. We take seriously our responsibility when preparing our learners for employment to make sure that each graduate is aware of the safety considerations for his/her line of work.

  • What will happen if I do not complete these courses before September 30?
  • In many classroom, lab, and shop situations you will simply not be able to continue out of concern for your own personal safety and that of your classmates and faculty. The College views your acceptance of the personal responsibility to access and pass this training as indicative of your commitment to your own safe learning environment. These milestones will be entered by early October; any student who has not completed the courses by then will have an "in progress" recorded on his/her transcript. PLEASE NOTE: Faculty members have the right, and the responsibility to refuse access to any instructional environment if the learner is unable to demonstrate basic WHMIS or OH&S understanding plus any site-specific OH&S knowledge applicable to that site or learning situation.

  • Specifically how do I access the online learning material?
  • The easiest way to get to the specific site is to go to:

    Here are the instructions for participating in the online OH&S and/or WHMIS Training:

    1. To get to your online Occupational Health and Safety or WHMIS course, turn on your computer and start the web browser program (either Internet Explorer 4 or higher, or Netscape 4 to 6.1).
    2. Once you are in the browser program, type the address for NSCC Online safety training: Be sure to get all of the punctuation exactly correct, as one small mistake will result in an error message. Press Enter. This will give you full access to all the learning materials, which you can use online or download to print for further reference.
    3. Read the instructions given and choose either the Occupational Health & Safety or WHMIS course depending on which you would like to do first.
    4. You must have a Username and Password to access the test. Your Username will be the letter W plus your student ID (e.g. W0001234) and your password will be the first four letters of your surname [please omit any hyphens, spaces, and apostrophes]. This username and password pair will give you access to both OH&S and WHMIS tests.
    5. After you complete your tests, fill out the forms that appear. You must fill out these forms correctly or you will not receive your proof of training or your OH&S and WHMIS wallet cards - please double-check the accuracy of what you enter as it will appear on your documentation exactly as you have entered it online. Please be sure to select the campus that you will be attending in the fall.
  • I don't see the trainer from whom I received my training listed in your list. What can I do?
  • Our first advice would be to take the course with us. If you wish to apply for a transfer credit, your co-operation in doing so before the term commences would be appreciated. You must include proof that you passed the course(s) and provide a written statement or course outline from the trainer clearly stating the learning outcomes covered in the course you took. Transfer Credit request forms (PDF 424KB) are available at every campus. A list of approved non-NSCC trainers can be found here.

  • I want to wait and take my training in a classroom in late August or September. How will I know if there will be room?
  • The Campuses which are offering the classroom option will include that information and possibly a registration form in the orientation package. For further information contact Student Services at your Campus.

  • I took SAFE 1000 and SAFE 1001 in my program last year. Do I have to retake them?
  • No, if you took the courses within the past four years at NSCC you are exempt. It would be helpful if you could indicate this information to the Campus Registrar. Please remember that the important thing is that the safety information is still current in your approach to all work situations. Any time that the Provincial Act or regulations change everyone will have to update their certification. For purposes of record keeping, we count four years from the end of May in the year you took the courses with NSCC.

  • I don't have my own computer. Where I can access one?
  • Try a local C@P site or the campus located nearest you. Each campus will make computer labs available in August and in September for online access, study and testing.

  • I'm a sponsored student, how can I access this training?
  • There is no cost for the OH&S and WHMIS training for students enrolled in a program. Once you have confirmed your attendance by having your sponsor present the proper documentation to the Sponsorship Program Administrator in NSCC Admissions, you may proceed with this training by whatever means you choose.

  • I'm unfamiliar with using a computer but would like to complete these online. Where can I get help with logging on?
  • Many campuses offer computer fundamentals or other computer familiarization courses on campus during the summer, particularly toward the end of August. Please check with either the campus you'll be attending or the one closest to you to see what assistance is available. There are lots of people in similar circumstances as yours and we are ready to help.

  • Are there other examples of specific applications of safety training/education?
  • Safety concerns impact virtually every program area at NSCC - and all the careers for which we prepare students. Even something as simple as indicating the location of emergency exits, and noting what the alarm will sound like in a particular building before the first class or meeting in a given location can be crucial information in a real emergency situation. Moreover, every kind of work has its own safety issues. Millions of person-hours are lost yearly in Canada through workplace accidents. When you consider all the related personal pain and suffering, not to mention the gross effect on our national productivity, safety is just too important not to be taken seriously. NSCC is pleased to support the Workplace Safety regulations enacted by the Province of Nova Scotia.

  • I'm an ALP student. Do I need to take this safety training?
  • No, these two courses are not graduation requirements for your program. You may choose to take this training and receive certification at no additional charge if you choose.

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