Recording Arts

Recording Arts

Learn the technical and creative skills required to be a professional in the music recording and production industries, using top-of-the-line gear.

Start Date:
1 Year
Full-time (In-class)
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September 2017 Waterfront Campus • Dartmouth • Seats available New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}.

Program Overview

When you listen to a CD or iTunes, play a video game, go to a concert, theatre production or a club, your experience is enhanced by the quality, timing, volume and suitability of the music and sound effects.

This program prepares you for a career as a technically-skilled and creative professional, who ensures that the music event and sound content are of the highest standard and quality. You develop solid skills in digital sound production, music recording, computer-assisted sound design, MIDI, post-audio and surround sound mixing and recording.

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Student Highlights

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    Favourite"The ability to work at any time of the day."
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    Cool Activity"Recording bands."
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    Highlight"The ability to learn hands on with absolutely amazing equipment."

Admission Requirements

Choose NSCC

  • You learn in an environment that provides professional studios and the latest technology and equipment. Facilities and equipment provide a real-world learning environment.
  • Learn from experienced instructors who have strong connections to the recording field. Our instructors have owned and run award-winning studios and share their practical experience with you.
  • The program features workshops led by specialists in subjects as diverse as drum recording, mixing bands for arenas, advanced recording technology, vintage guitar amplifiers and presentations from manufacturers of the latest equipment and technologies.
  • Collaborative Experience – Students collaborate with peers and professionals in other related programs, including Music Arts, Radio Television Journalism and Screen Arts.

Employment Opportunities

  • Many graduates find work in the music recording and production industries, but some students discover a whole new range of audio-related vocations. Graduates from the program may find themselves drawn towards location recording for film or music and sound creation for video games and interactive multimedia.
  • Your greatest employment opportunity is likely to be self-directed and entrepreneurial – creating your own audio-related business. That's why we provide several instructional components that concentrate on developing basic business and entrepreneurial skills.

Our Grads

  • Some of our graduates are successfully recording music of their own creation. Others are sound technicians for television shows, movies and television commercial productions. We have graduates working in live music atmospheres, such as nightclubs and concerts, ensuring that a band's live sound is appropriate for the room. Many are working in recording studios or recording bands in their own private studios. And still others specialize in sound and music creation for CDs and web.

Other Info

  • This program is not offered at regular NSCC tuition.

Courses May Include

Course descriptions
Code Course
COMM 1227   Communications I
COMM 1228   Communications II
COMP 1012   Computer - Fundamentals
SAFE 1000   Introduction to WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)
SAFE 1001   Introduction to NS OH&S Act
SOUN 1001   Recording Engineering I
SOUN 1002   Music Production Lab l
SOUN 1003   Recording Technology
SOUN 1004   The Producer/Engineer I
SOUN 1005   History of Music Recording and Critical Listening I
SOUN 1006   Entrepreneurship I
SOUN 1007   Entrepreneurship II
SOUN 1008   Introduction to Location Recording & Sound Reinforcement
SOUN 2001   Recording Engineering II
SOUN 2002   Music Production Lab ll
SOUN 2003   Live Sound Production
SOUN 2004   The Producer/Engineer II
SOUN 2005   History of Music Recording and Critical Listening II
SOUN 2006   Audio Post Production
SOUN 2008   Recording Technology II
SOUN 2500   Work Experience

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