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Marketing Concentration

Business AdministrationMarketing Concentration

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Start Date:
2 Years
+Locations & Availability

September 2019
Campus/Location DeliveryIn-class – Complete your program through courses that are held at a campus.

Online – All program courses are delivered online.

Blended – Complete your program through a combination of online and in-class courses (some courses are delivered 100% online). In-class courses are held at a campus.

Collaborative – program is delivered virtually on campus
Cumberland Campus (classes at Amherst Learning Centre) Full time • Collaborative
Ivany Campus • Dartmouth Full time • In-class
Kingstec Campus • Kentville Full time • In-class
Online Part time • Online
Pictou Campus • Stellarton Full time • In-class
Truro Campus • Truro Full time • In-class

Concentration Overview

The Marketing concentration is a second year option of the Business Administration diploma program. Marketing is more than selling and advertising. Marketing is the process of planning, creating and implementing ethical strategies and tactics that influence the behaviours and actions of others. Ultimately, marketing is the planned delivery of products, from suppliers to customers, in a mutually beneficial exchange.

In this concentration, you develop a greater understanding of the role that marketing plays in organizations and learn how to develop and apply marketing strategies, sales management, promotional techniques, research, customer relationship management and more.

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Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of Business Administration – Year 1 (including Marketing II (MKTG 2005) elective) or Advanced Standing.
  • Advanced Standing – To be considered, you must apply to and meet the Admission Requirements for the Business Administration program. Advanced Standing is based on academic credits (certificate/diploma/degree) completed from a recognized public institution within the past ten years that meet the Academic Requirements of the full first year of the program. Advanced Standing is subject to seat availability.

Choose NSCC

  • Experience hands-on learning. Your projects give you hands-on experience in every step of the marketing process, right through to the promotional solutions that are the result of your marketing plans. You also get a solid basis in marketing research, sales skills and the principles of e-commerce.
  • Learn from real projects for real businesses. You work on real projects, for real businesses and are assessed for your contribution and abilities. This experience gives you an edge for the job market.
  • Continue your studies at university. This program includes courses that count towards a university degree. Find out more.

Employment Opportunities

  • Graduates are qualified for entry-level positions in public relations, marketing research, product/brand management, sales, sales promotion, advertising and interactive marketing.

Other Info

  • Collaborative Delivery – Courses for the Cumberland Campus sessions are delivered through a combination of in-class, online and/or video conferencing instruction.
  • Upon successful completion of the Professional Selling course you can receive certification through the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA).
  • After graduation, you are eligible to apply for the CPSA Professional Sales Certificate. In addition, with two years of related work experience, you're eligible to apply for the CPSA Certified Sales Professional designation.
  • This concentration is available for part-time study. There is the option to complete the concentration in-class or through a combination of courses delivered in-class and online.

Courses May Include

Course descriptions
Code Course
BUSI 3005   Contemporary Business Issues
COMM 2215   Communications - Workplace Applications
EBIZ 2020   Strategic Internet Marketing
MKTG 2015   Professional Selling
MKTG 3040   Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 3111   Marketing Research
MKTG 4001   Marketing Management
MKTG 4995   Work Experience
    Directed elective course requirement. Two units/credits.
    In addition to their required courses, learners will complete two (2) units (120 hours) of open elective credit that are consistent with the goals outlined in their portfolios.

Additional Graduation Requirements

Portfolio Development

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