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International Business

International Business

Develop your international and digital business skills and hit the ground running when you graduate. Companies involved in international business are innovative and are driving the new economy.

Start Date:
2 Years
Advanced Diploma
Full-time (In-class)
+Locations & Availability
September 2018 Truro Campus • Truro • Seats available New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}.

Program Overview

With economic recovery gaining momentum in the USA., continuing growth in Asian markets and free trade with Europe on the horizon, the prospects for Nova Scotia's export industries are promising. The One Nova Scotia Report suggests we must increase both the total value of our exports and the total number of Nova Scotia firms participating in export-related activities by 50% over the next ten years. That means, that in the next decade, we need 400 new businesses exporting and an increase in export revenue of over $6 billion CDN.

To meet these ambitious goals, Nova Scotia needs highly skilled international business professionals to step into leadership and operational roles. This makes the NSCC Advanced Diploma in International Business an attractive option for anyone wishing to start, re-start or enhance their business career.

In this program, you will gain valuable international, ecommerce/digital business skills and gain new knowledge – with an international perspective. Students learn from highly experienced instructors, benefiting from their knowledge, industry insights and connections. Courses are highly practical in nature, with industry guest speakers, company visits, applied project work, internet business training and networking opportunities in industries of interest.

The final term of the program consists of a four-month internship, usually paid, allowing those students wishing to transition into a career to do so more directly and with the experience so many employers require. Other graduates, who wish to pursue further studies, do so with more confidence in their strengths and career fit, allowing them to maximize the value of their educational investment.

i Student Highlights are comments provided by students about their experiences. Students also share information that they think will help future students learn more about the program. Highlights reflect individual experiences (which can vary by student).

Student Highlights

  1. 1
    Highlight"Guest speakers and alumni who tell us about their careers."
  2. 2
    Cool Activity"Making appointments with businesses in the province to conduct interviews on their activities - an effective way to network."
  3. 3
    Favourite"The open discussion that was conducted in Ethics class and the role play in the Selling class."

Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of Business Administration – Year 1 or equivalent study at post-secondary level or High School Graduation Diploma plus related work experience in economics, marketing and accounting or Advanced Standing.
  • Advanced Standing – To be considered, you must apply to and meet the Admission Requirements for the International Business program. Advanced Standing is based on academic credits (certificate/diploma/degree) completed from a recognized public institution within the past ten years that meet the Academic Requirements of the full first year of the program. Advanced Standing is subject to seat availability.

Choose NSCC

  • The NSCC Advanced Diploma in International Business has a reputation for being one of the most innovative and useful postsecondary business programs in our province and was acknowledged as such by the Nova Scotia Business Journal.
  • In the first year of the program, you're introduced to the world of International Business, including four courses from the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), a nationally recognized organization which accredits International Business Training. With these courses, you are eligible for a FITT Certificate (certification fee is extra).
  • In the second year, you meet with community and businesses that are already engaged in international business or are planning to be, to discuss their business plans. You complete the remaining courses (four) required to obtain a FITT diploma, which enables you to work towards a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation after graduation (certification fee is extra). You also earn a Selling Skills certificate from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.
  • Learn from highly experienced, industry-connected faculty.
  • You participate in a domestic or international internship, to give you hands-on experience.
  • Continue your studies at university. This program includes courses that count towards a university degree. Find out more.

Employment Opportunities

  • Many graduates have jobs by graduation. Employers appreciate how graduates are ready to go to work with very little ramp-up time and students are often hired from their internships.
  • Potential employers include exporters in growth industries (such as Ocean Technology, Seafood and Agri-food and many others), international trading companies, government agencies, industry associations, consultants, shipping lines, freight-forwarders and customs brokers.
  • You may also start your own business or develop an existing business into a global competitor.

Our Grads

  • The hands-on learning and teamwork skills gained throughout the program, along with the valuable work experience of the four-month internship, lead to successful employment. Graduates are working in a range of business positions, including marketing and sales support for companies with international operations (including e-commerce and social media responsibilities), international sales representatives, operations and logistics and custom brokers for international shipping/couriers.

Other Info

  • This program prepares you for a career in international business. Although many career paths include the opportunity for travel, our industry partners also have support and management positions where travel is not necessary.
  • The knowledge about world cultures gained in this program helps all students become more informed and engaged global citizens.
  • Online Courses – Some courses are available online.
  • Co-operative Education (co-op) – This program is eligible for an optional co-op credit course. Co-op provides an opportunity for paid employment (of at least 12 weeks) in a field related to your program between your first and second year.

Courses May Include

Course descriptions
Code Course
COMM 2215   Communications - Workplace Applications
ENTR 4000   Applied Entrepreneurship
FITT 3101   Introduction to International Business
FITT 4102   International Marketing
FITT 4103   International Trade Finance
FITT 4104   Global Supply Chain Management
FITT 4105   International Market Entry and Distribution
FITT 4106   International Trade Research
FITT 4107   Legal Aspects of International Trade
INTB 3010   World Geography for Business
INTB 3050   International Business: Professionalism and Project Management
INTB 3205   International Business Culture
INTB 4206   Exporter Support and Online Operations
INTB 5450   Independent Applied Research Lab
INTB 5997   Internship
MGMT 3020   Applied Ethical Decision Making
MKTG 2015   Professional Selling
SAFE 1000   Introduction to WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)
SAFE 1001   Introduction to NS OH&S Act
SCMA 2000   Procurement and Supply Management
    In addition to their required courses, as a requirement of graduation for the International Business Advanced Diploma, learners must complete one (1) unit of Electives chosen from the following list:

Additional Graduation Requirements

Portfolio Development

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