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Digital Animation - 2D Animation Concentration

Digital Animation - 2D Animation Concentration

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Start Date:
Typical Length:
2 Years
$3,515 (Domestic) • $11,350 (International)
Tuition is valid for the 2020-21 academic year. Program costs and fees (textbooks, supplies, etc.) are additional.
+Locations & Availability

September 2020
Campus/Location DeliveryIn-class – Complete your program through courses that are held at a campus.

Online – All program courses are delivered online.

Blended – Complete your program through a combination of online and in-class courses (some courses are delivered 100% online). In-class courses are held at a campus.

Collaborative – program is delivered virtually on campus
Truro Campus • Truro Full time • In-class


The 2D Animation concentration is an option of the Digital Animation diploma program. You start this concentration in the second term of your first year.

This concentration develops advanced skills in life drawing, structural drawing, anatomy and perspective, which you apply to your animation artwork.

You learn how to animate a digitally hand-drawn character using the twelve principles of animation so that the character moves in a convincing manner and expresses emotion. You also have the opportunity to create special effects and experimental animation.

As you combine all these skills and develop an understanding of the production pipeline, you graduate with a top-quality animation portfolio.

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Program requirements

  • Portfolio Development – As part of your studies at NSCC, you develop a portfolio of your work; the portfolio captures your achievements and profiles your skills to employers.

Tuition, fees and program costs

In addition to annual tuition, there are program costs (books, tools, etc.) and student fees for college services, health and dental plans, your student association and parking.

View detailed program fees page(s). Please note that tuition values on these pages are for 2019/20 and are meant for planning purposes only. They don't represent final amounts owing.

Career options

  • Upon graduation you're qualified for entry-level positions such as junior 2D animator, junior designer, junior storyboard artist, junior layout artist or junior background artist.
  • Self-employment and entrepreneurial career paths are also opportunities as graduates' benefit from a hands-on, project-based learning approach and exposure to the business.

Choose NSCC

  • Continue your studies at university. This program includes courses that count towards a university degree. Find out more.

Courses may include

Course descriptions
Code Course
DATD 1002   Sculpture
DATD 1015   Digital Painting I
DATD 1500   Animation Production I
DATD 2000   Life Drawing II
DATD 2005   Character Design
DATD 2010   Structural Drawing - Anatomy II
DATD 2020   Animation
DATD 2025   Layout
DATD 2500   Professional Portfolio Project
DATD 3000   Life Drawing III
DATD 3005   Storyboards and Animatics
DATD 3010   Animation Process I
DATD 3020   Character Animation
DATD 3025   Digital Layout
DATD 3029   Effects Animation
DATD 4000   Life Drawing IV
DATD 4010   Animation Process II
DATD 4020   Animation Production Project 2D Classical
GAME 4020   Self-Promotion and Entrepreneurship

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