Baking & Pastry Art

Baking & Pastry Art

Enhance your skills in baking and pastry and get your start in a professional kitchen.

Start Date:
1 Year
Full-time (In-class)
+Locations & Availability
September 2018 Akerley Campus • Dartmouth  • Waitlist New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}. Kingstec Campus • Kentville • Seats available New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}.

Program Overview

This program gives you great skills in both baking and pastry (including cakes, tortes, cookies, frozen and cream-based desserts) and provides the basis for a career as a head baker or pastry chef. You challenge your inner artist by learning how to design and create chocolate and sugar showpieces, create classic European pastries and perform plated dessert presentations for all types of dining. You work in a real kitchen environment, where you learn at a production level and speed that is consistent with industry standards.

Whether you're looking for your start in the world of the professional kitchen or have been there for a while and want to upgrade your skills, this program builds your confidence and opens your eyes (and taste buds) to new possibilities.

i Student Highlights are comments provided by students about their experiences. Students also share information that they think will help future students learn more about the program. Highlights reflect individual experiences (which can vary by student).

Student Highlights

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    Highlight"Preparing a dessert buffet, decorating Halloween-themed shortbread cookies, and making giant chocolate Easter Eggs."
  2. 2
    Why Take It"It allows you to show off your creative side."
  3. 3
    Favourite"The instructor was very helpful and I couldn’t ask for a better class."

Admission Requirements

  • High School Graduation Diploma or equivalent.

Choose NSCC

  • NSCC is the only school in Nova Scotia offering this program.
  • Learn in a real-world environment. The work is hands-on with the majority of time spent creating and baking. You start baking around 7:30 every morning and your baked goods are sold in the cafeteria or presented as plated desserts in our restaurants.
  • Learn from experienced instructors. Our chef instructors bring an international touch to the program, having worked in bakeries, hotels and restaurants in France, England and Canada.
  • Award-winning opportunities – Several students have won medals at national skills competitions – a testament to their training.
  • Work Experience – A work term gives you the practical experience employers are looking for. For past work terms, students have worked in restaurants and bakeries right here in Nova Scotia and as far away as Ireland.
  • You learn how to use innovative techniques and technological equipment that head bakers and pastry chefs are looking for in their employees.

Employment Opportunities

  • This is an industry that is very demanding. Graduates are ready to accept entry-level positions in restaurants, hotels, catering companies or bakeries, as well as in public or private food service operations. Entry-level positions require long hours and hard work. Grads with a passion for the industry and their work, see their long hours and hard work pay off, with a satisfying career.

Other Info

  • Red Seal – Baker is a designated trade that qualifies for the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program. The Red Seal allows qualified tradespersons to practise the trade in any province or territory in Canada – where the trade is designated – without having to write further examinations.

Courses May Include

Course descriptions
Code Course
COMM 1227   Communications I
COMP 1230   Computer Essentials
COOK 1085   Baking and Pastry Art Theory
COOK 1101   Yeast Dough Products I
COOK 1108   Decoration Work I
COOK 1114   Quick Breads and Cookies
COOK 1118   Plated Dessert I
COOK 1120   Patisserie I
COOK 1328   Introduction to Human Relations
COOK 2080   Baking Theory II
COOK 2102   Yeast Dough Products II
COOK 2107   Plated Dessert II
COOK 2108   Decoration Work II
COOK 2120   Patisserie II
COOK 2123   Viennoiserie and Petit Fours Sec
COOK 2993   Work Experience
MATH 1020   Applied Math for Food Service
SAFE 1000   Introduction to WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)
SAFE 1001   Introduction to NS OH&S Act

Additional Graduation Requirements

Basic Food Safety Training
Emergency First Aid,CPR Level A
Portfolio Development

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