Boulanger & Baking Art

Boulanger & Baking Art

Learn the chemistry, history and art of bread making and baking and the business skills you need to make it your career.

Start Date:
1 Year
Full-time (In-class)
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September 2018 Akerley Campus • Dartmouth • Seats available New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}.

Program Overview

Nova Scotia's demand for experts who understand, respect and create traditional breads of many cultures continues to grow. In this program, you go from France to Scandinavia, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, several countries of the Middle East and even San Francisco through bread.

You learn the delicate balance of chemistry, history, love and art that goes into each loaf. Additionally, we will look at baking for those with health issues (e.g., gluten-free breads for celiac and colitis sufferers). You explore the traditions behind each style and why it must be prepared, baked and served just so. We emphasize traditional, by-hand methods before teaching today's mechanized approach. Then we move on to cakes, cookies, pies, tortes and flans of all styles – even wedding cakes.

Baking is an art and a lifestyle that demands attention, respect and dedication. It is also a business, so we teach you how to prepare a business plan and be an entrepreneur. This program smells good, tastes better and can lead you to a very satisfying career.

i Student Highlights are comments provided by students about their experiences. Students also share information that they think will help future students learn more about the program. Highlights reflect individual experiences (which can vary by student).

Student Highlights

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    Favourite"My wonderful classmates - we're all in it together. There is a real sense of camaraderie."
  2. 2
    Cool Activity"Working in the bakery outlet and getting to choose how you want to market and run it."
  3. 3
    Why Take It"This is one of the only programs of its kind in Canada."

Admission Requirements

  • High School Graduation Diploma or equivalent.

Choose NSCC

  • This is one of the few boulanger programs in the country. Our instructors are highly experienced in the art of bread and baking and know the exact history behind each style.
  • You learn in a real-world kitchen environment, preparing bread, cakes, cookies and other baked goods for sale in our campus cafĂ© and boulangerie.

Employment Opportunities

  • Many graduates have been employed before completing the program. This is a testimony to Nova Scotia and Canada's recognition of the need for high-quality international and traditional breads.
  • Restaurants, resorts, hotels, hospitals, grocery chains, bakeries, catering and convention centres all require boulanger and baking experts.
  • With your entrepreneurial training, you can always open your own business. Before graduation, you have the skills and knowledge to prepare your own business plan and conduct the necessary market research.

Other Info

  • Red Seal – Baker is a designated trade that qualifies for the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program. The Red Seal allows qualified tradespersons to practise the trade in any province or territory in Canada – where the trade is designated – without having to write further examinations.
  • This career requires a particular lifestyle commitment that we mirror – in the program and on your work placement. Bakers start early in the morning or sometimes start late in the evening to prepare goods for the breakfast market. You will be expected to work real-world industry hours.

Courses May Include

Course descriptions
Code Course
BUSI 1066   Introduction to the Boulanger Industry
COMM 1227   Communications I
COMP 1230   Computer Essentials
COOK 1000   Safety and Sanitation/Tools and Equipment
COOK 1071   Basic Yeast Breads
COOK 1075   Cakes I - Basic Formulas
COOK 1076   Pies, Tarts & Cookies
COOK 1077   Sweet Yeast Products & Quick Breads
COOK 1080   Baking Theory
COOK 1328   Introduction to Human Relations
COOK 1989   Boulanger Practicum
COOK 2030   The Boulangerie - Your Business
COOK 2071   Advanced Yeast Breads
COOK 2072   Cakes II - Decorating
COOK 2991   Work Experience
MATH 1020   Applied Math for Food Service
SAFE 1000   Introduction to WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)
SAFE 1001   Introduction to NS OH&S Act

Additional Graduation Requirements

Basic Food Safety Training
Emergency First Aid,CPR Level A
Portfolio Development

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