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Program delivery update

To ensure we can safely offer the high-quality learning you expect, we've changed how many of our programs are delivered. Please view this program's delivery option(s) under "locations & availability". Learn more about how programs will be offered

Business Administration - Marketing Concentration

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Start Date:
Typical Length:
2 Years


The Marketing concentration is a second-year option of the Business Administration diploma program.

Marketing is more than selling and advertising. It's the process of planning, creating and implementing ethical strategies and tactics that influence the behaviours and actions of others. It involves storytelling, engaging in digital and social platforms, creating experiences and building sustainable customer relationships.

In this concentration, you learn how to develop and apply marketing strategies, promotional techniques, customer relationship management, research and more.

Work experience

  • Field experience (work placement) is a mandatory credit course completed at the end of your program. It provides you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills outside of the classroom.
  • Opportunities are typically unpaid and last approximately 5 weeks.
  • Transportation, accommodations and other costs related to work placements are your responsibility.
  • For more information visit Work Experience Opportunities

Study options

  • Note: Courses for the Cumberland Campus sessions are delivered through a combination of in- class, online and/or video conferencing instruction.
  • This concentration is available for part-time study.
  • There is the option to complete the concentration in-class or through a combination of courses delivered in-class and online.

Choose NSCC

  • Your projects give you hands-on experience in every step of the marketing process, right through to the promotional solutions that are the result of your marketing plans. You also get a solid basis in marketing research, sales skills and the principles of e-commerce.
  • You work on real projects, for real businesses. This experience gives you an edge for the job market.
  • Continue your studies at university – This program includes courses that count towards a university degree. Find out more.

Other info

  • Upon successful completion of the Professional Selling course you can receive certification through the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA).
  • After graduation, you're eligible to apply for the CPSA Professional Sales Certificate. In addition, with two years of related work experience, you're eligible to apply for the CPSA Certified Sales Professional designation.

September 2020

Campus Location Full time/part time Delivery
Cumberland Campus Classes at Amherst Learning Centre Full time Online (scheduled)Online (scheduled)
Complete your program fully online through a variety of learning experiences, including scheduled class sessions.
Ivany Campus Dartmouth Full time Online (scheduled)Online (scheduled)
Complete your program fully online through a variety of learning experiences, including scheduled class sessions.
Kingstec Campus Kentville Full time Online (scheduled)Online (scheduled)
Complete your program fully online through a variety of learning experiences, including scheduled class sessions.
Truro Campus Truro Full time Online (scheduled)Online (scheduled)
Complete your program fully online through a variety of learning experiences, including scheduled class sessions.

Admission requirements

  • Successful completion of Business Administration – Year 1 [including Marketing II (MKTG 2005) elective] or Advanced Standing.
  • Advanced Standing – To be considered, you must apply to and meet the Admission Requirements for the Business Administration program. Advanced Standing is based on academic credits (certificate/diploma/degree) completed from a recognized public institution within the past ten years that meet the Academic Requirements of the full first year of the program. Advanced Standing is subject to seat availability.

Program requirements

  • Portfolio Development – As part of your studies at NSCC, you develop a portfolio of your work; the portfolio captures your achievements and profiles your skills to employers.


Tuition is valid for the 2020-21 academic year. Program costs and fees (textbooks, supplies, etc.) are additional.

Tuition (Domestic):
Tuition (International):

Tuition, fees and program costs

In addition to annual tuition, there are program costs (books, tools, etc.) and student fees for college services, health and dental plans, your student association and parking.

View detailed program fees page(s). Please note that amounts on these pages are meant for planning purposes only. They don't represent final amounts owing.

Career options

  • Graduates are qualified for entry-level positions in interactive marketing, marketing research, product/brand management, sales, sales promotion, advertising and public relations.

Courses may include

These are some of the courses offered in this program. It is not a complete list and courses are subject to change in advance of the academic year.

BUSI 3005 - Contemporary Business Issues
Students will consider and analyse current business issues through the lenses of law, ethics, and sustainability. Through research to compare and contrast potential pathways to offer legitimate resolutions to the issues, students will furthermore develop critical thinking skills addressing contemporary events while broadening their understanding of the various challenges businesses of today face. Students who successfully complete Applied Ethical Decision Making (MGMT 3020), Business Law (LEGL 2000), and Environmental Sustainability in Business (BUSI 3000) may choose to be exempt from Contemporary Business Issues (BUSI 3005).

COMM 2215 - Communications - Workplace Applications
This course provides students with the opportunity to further develop writing skills acquired in Communications - Workplace Foundations. The course also allows students to explore job search techniques, and is designed to assist them in the continuing development of the skills and confidence required to deliver individual oral presentations. Advisement Note: A student who is able to format formal documents but who may not have successfully met the timing requirement in COMP 1103 (Document Processing I) is still eligible for admission into COMM 2215 (Communications – Workplace Applications).

EBIZ 2020 - Strategic Internet Marketing
Strategic Internet Marketing provides an excellent introduction to the “business of doing business online” as it introduces students to key concepts for successful online marketing. Students can expect to spend a significant amount of time online exploring, discussing and using current online tools and software.

MKTG 3040 - Integrated Marketing Communications
Learners will have the opportunity to critically examine various forms of marketing communications, as well as providing hands on experience in developing promotional tools.

MKTG 3111 - Marketing Research
Through the use of focus groups, interviews and surveys, this course provides the learner with the tools to obtain and evaluate data collected and use the information in the decision making process.

MKTG 4001 - Marketing Management
This project-based course applies all marketing strategies within the foundation of the organization and community. This includes a comprehensive analysis of the marketing process, managing and marketing components (product/service, price, place and promotion), developing a relationship strategy with specific customers and market segments, while recognizing the competitive environment that exists.

MKTG 4995 - Work Experience
The work experience component provides the learner with an opportunity to apply new skills and concepts appropriate for entry-level positions within the occupation. Learners will assess their own performance and be evaluated by an industry partner. Learners will identify personal outcomes they wish to attain during the work experience and will keep a journal. This is a course of 175 hours spread over five weeks.

PSAL 2015 - Professional Selling
The main focus of this course is selling skills which are advantageous in the work force. Many of these skills are introduced through theory and practice. Learners will use these skills in virtually any profession they enter. This course introduces consultative selling techniques to develop strategies and tactics that “get, keep and grow” customers. Learners can receive a certificate from the Canadian Professional Association (CPSA) for successfully completing the “Professional Selling” course, and other specific courses in the Business Administration program.

Directed elective course requirement. Two units/credits.

In addition to their required courses, learners will complete two (2) units (120 hours) of open elective credit that are consistent with the goals outlined in their portfolios.

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