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Learn the life skills you need to prepare for training or employment success.

Start Date:
1 Year
Certificate of Completion
Full-time (In-class)
+Locations & Availability
September 2018 Akerley Campus • Dartmouth  • Waitlist New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}. Annapolis Valley Campus (classes in Middleton) • Middleton • Seats available New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}. Burridge Campus • Yarmouth • Seats available New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}. Lunenburg Campus • Bridgewater • Seats available New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}. Marconi Campus • Sydney  • Waitlist New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}. Pictou Campus • Stellarton • Seats available New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}. Strait Area Campus • Port Hawkesbury  • Waitlist New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}. Truro Campus • Truro  • Waitlist New applications may be waitlisted until {0} 20{1}.

Program Overview

This program prepares you for life after high school by focusing on employability, independent living and personal wellness & safety. You work with us to develop a personalized plan for independent and healthy living. You learn essential life and employment skills that will help you:

  • Make important decisions about your future
  • Build lasting relationships with others
  • Find rewarding job opportunities
  • Discover your place in the world
  • Get involved in your community

Through interactive classroom-based groups and real-life settings, you learn valuable life skills like how to gain self-awareness, confidence and social skills. You also figure out how to cope with stress, make decisions and solve problems. You explore how to manage time, money and household responsibilities, as well as how to use social media in everyday life.

By focusing on your strengths, abilities and dreams we'll help you discover what you really want in your life so you can achieve it all.

i Student Highlights are comments provided by students about their experiences. Students also share information that they think will help future students learn more about the program. Highlights reflect individual experiences (which can vary by student).

Student Highlights

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    Highlight"I would have never gotten to where I am if it wasn’t for the program and its team."
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    Highlight"Great learning experience and made lots of friends."

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must be a high school graduate between the ages of 18-21 years of age.
  • High School Diploma including a transcript that indicates Individual Program Plan (IPP) designated credit(s) in any Grade 12 course or your highest Math course.
  • For IPPs in Social Development or Life Skills, a copy of the IPP must be included with the application.
  • A completed Achieve referral form (PDF 117KB).
  • Interview – applicants will be required to participate in an interview at the campus. There are two purposes for the interview. One is to help applicants gain an understanding of the knowledge, skills and abilities required for participation in the program. The second, is to give applicants an opportunity to meet with program staff and, together, determine if the program is a good fit. Please review our detailed interview and application requirements (PDF 89KB).
  • Applicants can apply online for this program or print an application form (PDF 80KB) and submit it according to the detailed interview and application requirements (PDF 89KB). Please note: there is no application fee for this program.
  • If you are an organization that would like more information about how to refer an applicant to Achieve, please review the Referring Partner Checklist (PDF 94KB).

Program Requirements

  • Each student is required to complete WHMIS and OH&S training by September 30 or within four weeks of commencement of the program.
  • Students are required to complete a work placement and a portfolio.

Choose NSCC

  • During this one-year program, you will be guided through a person-centered process of developing personal goals and action plans for employment, independent living and community engagement.
  • You will discover what you can do well and explore employment opportunities.
  • You will take part in college life and experience a post-secondary environment that provides access to a wide range of exploration opportunities.

Other Info

  • There is no application fee for the Achieve Program. You do not have to submit a $25 application fee when applying for this program.
  • There are no tuition costs or student fees for participants and graduates of the program will receive a Certificate of Completion (non-credit).
  • Applicants have or may have had, challenges demonstrating competency in areas such, but not limited to, the development of academic, social and/or independent living skills.
  • Applicants must be able to manage their own personal care, demonstrate appropriate behaviour for a college and community environment and have the capacity to function in a group environment without one-on-one support, and manage through to the completion of the course work in the program.
  • Program participants must be able to manage, and be responsible for transportation to and from the program.
  • The Achieve program is offered through a collaboration between NSCC, the provincial government, school boards, local businesses and community partners.

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