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Propulsion Plant Simulator Level 2 (MARI 7020)

Credit Course
80 hours
Delivery Options:
In Person
Strait Area Campus (Nautical Institute)
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Course Overview

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to demonstrate sound management practices. They will understand how to manage and organize operation of a power plant as implemented on board a vessel. Good Marine Engineering practices will be emphasized throughout the course. Careful monitoring and operation of the vessel’s machinery will be stressed, with realistic training runs used. To enrol in this course you are required to provide the following documentation: • valid photo ID • CDN number • Transport Canada transcript or an ACES – Qualifying Service List verifying 6 months’ sea time (180 days) on a vessel with 750kw of Engine Power • Copy of your 4th class Certificate of Competency.

Additional Fees

College Service Fee and Student Association Fee may apply for Part Time students registered in credit courses.


Strait Area Campus (Nautical Institute)
Class # 1607
May 19 - Jun 05, 2020
Strait Area Campus
In Person
Monday - Friday | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM