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Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) (MARI 7007)

Credit Course
40 hours
Delivery Options:
In Person
Strait Area Campus (Nautical Institute)
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Course Overview

Upon course completion, the mariner will achieve knowledge of basic theory and will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas: (a) Basic principles of ECDIS data, sensors, presentation of Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC); (b) Operation of ECDIS and associated functions for passage planning and monitoring, including display options, ENC identification, alarms, chart updating and other navigational functions; (c) Appreciation of the limitations of ECDIS and ENC data, and awareness of the legal aspects and responsibilities associated with the use of ECDIS as an aid to navigation.

Costs and Fees

A College Services Fee and Student Association Fee will apply for part-time students registered in credit courses. In some instances, offerings of the same course across multiple terms may have a differing cost. For more information, please visit Costs & Fees.

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Strait Area Campus (Nautical Institute)
Class # 1254
Oct 26 - 30, 2020
Strait Area Campus
In Person
Monday - Friday | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Registration Open