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Business training and development

NSCC’s program developers, curriculum experts and instructors collaborate with start-ups, non-profits, private sector businesses, industry, First Nations communities and others across Nova Scotia to design and deliver a variety of training and development programs.

Tailored to meet industry needs

We can help your organization with:

  • specialized training
  • upskilling courses
  • continuing education programs

How the process works

  • The Community Innovation Lead in your region will meet with you to determine your business needs and required outcomes.
  • The discussion may include curriculum planning and instructional design options, teaching opportunities or testing and evaluation activities.
  • We’ll develop and/or deliver a customized solution for your organization.

We offer our programming at your workplace, online or at any of our campuses across the province.

Contact your Community Innovation Lead

Halifax Regional Municipality
Liesl Mulholland
Halifax Regional Municipality
Beth McCormack
Valley Region
Gerard J. d’Entremont
Southwest Region
Kate Collins
Northern Region
Katrina Leighton
Cape Breton and Eastern Region
Lynn Coveyduck