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Automotive Maintenance – Hands-on Clinic

Non Credit
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In Person
Akerley Campus
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Course Overview

?The Auto Maintenance - Hands-on Clinic is a short (three-evening) course designed to provide basic inspection and maintenance training for personal/ family vehicle owners. Using your own or NSCC training vehicles, you will become familiar with basic terminology and functioning of vehicle components for which you can perform home-based maintenance. Activities will focus on getting to know your vehicle's components and their function, tips for safety working on your own vehicle, cues for maintenance, inspection techniques, and basic tasks such as replacing tires, topping up fluids, and other fundamental maintenance work you can do on your own to ensure safe operation and to extend the life of your vehicle. You will also be better able to understand when and how to engage a professional automotive technician.?


Akerley Campus
Class # 5839
Oct 09 - 23, 2019
In Person
Wednesday | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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