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Spanish Conversation

Non Credit
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In Person
Institute of Technology Campus
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Course Overview

This course is intended to increase your ability to speak and comprehend the Spanish language. Through dialogue and small group exercises, you will learn how to carry on a conversation across many topics. Special attention will be given to reading material, comprehension and correction of pronunciation. The objective of the course is to have you progress from an intermediate oral communication level to a more advanced level.

Pre-requisite: GENL 7028 or equivalent


Institute of Technology Campus
Class # 1419
Apr 23 - Jun 25, 2020
In Person
Thursday | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Open House for this course will occur on Tuesday, 6-8pm the week before course start. Faculty will be available to provide advice and offer an informal Spanish evaluation for course placement purposes.
Open registration for all students begins on March 03, 2020